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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see my Invoice?       請求書を確認したい

You can find the invoice in the Account page.




How can I check the Reservation status of facilities?          施設利用の予約状況の確認をしたい

There is a " My Reservation page" button at the bottom right of the reservation page, from which you can check the reservation status.



How can I cancel a reservation of facilities?               施設利用の予約取消をしたい

Please select the reservation you wish to cancel from the My Reservation page and send a message to the effect of cancellation. If you wish to cancel your reservation on the day of use, please call the front desk.

Phone Number: 018-8686-888


電話番号: 018-8686-888

How can I change the details of a reservation of facilities?       施設利用の予約内容の変更をしたい

Please select the reservation you want to change from the My Reservation page and let us know the changes by message. Please also call the front desk on the day of use.

Phone Number:018-8686-888




Where do I receive messages?   メッセージはどこで読めますか?

If you receive or want to reply to a message from the customer service page, you can check the "Inbox" at the bottom right of the page. Reservation-related messages can be confirmed from the "My Reservation" button found at the bottom right corner of the reservation page.



I can’t receive new message     最新メッセージが届かない

You need to refresh the page to read the latest message, please press the reload button. Alternatively, please move to another page and reopen the same page again.